Tired of tossing and turning on a lumpy mattress that offers no support for your back and legs? Are you worried about the chemicals and other unpleasant surprises hidden within the batting of where you sleep every night? If you have considered replacing your worn-out mattress for something new and better, you may have thought to try a gerner alternative, or else bedding that is designed to offer health benefits in addition to comfort. Buying a latex mattress could be in your future, though you are certain to have questions given this is an important purchase.

In order to help guide you toward a firmer commitment to changing your sleep lifestyle, we'll attempt to answer here the more common questions about the latex mattress.

What is a Latex Mattress Made Of?

If you are especially concerned about quality and eco-friendly materials, you may research various styles of bedding. A latex model is typically made of natural latex rubber and other environmentally friendly components like wool and organic cotton for batting.

What are the Benefits of Latex in Your Bed?

When you think “rubber” you might assume latex is like foam rubber and will cause the bed to sag when you lie down. In truth, latex at the core can provide firm lumbar support and assist you in sleeping better. Other reasons organic bedding companies will use this durable and versatile material in their products include:

  • Latex is elastic and helps your mattress last a long time.
  • Latex promotes good hygiene and is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust.
  • The material is self-ventilating, meaning it's less likely to retain moisture, which you do lose as you sleep.
  • This material helps ease transfer of motion, so if your partner turns over you are less likely to feel jostled around in bed.
  • Latex is very ergonomic, so you are less likely to wake up feeling sore and tired.

What are the benefits of an Organic Mattress?

To look at the price tag of an organic mattress as compared to a brand name, you might blanch at the cost? What's so great about a natural mattress when you can buy a trusted model for much less? While it is true you may have to pay a bit more for a latex mattress, you should also look at the bigger picture:

  • You may keep the natural mattress longer because it is apt to last longer.
  • Mattresses made through certified green methods will have no chemicals or artificial preservatives used in their manufacturing. This is great news if you suffer specific allergies.

Shop around for available mattress styles and components, then decide if the latex natural mattress is right for you.