People with anxiety disorders may spend their nights fretting over problems instead of sleeping. Massage may actually help them to calm down and give them their much needed sleep. Studies show that massage stimulates the release of endorphins, our body's natural pain-killer and opiate, to the brain. This substance is responsible for relieving anxiety disorders and stress. The person does not have to have muscular pains to be massaged; the simple touch has the power to bring about endorphin flow to the brain thereby calming it.

Fatigue can produce stress and tension that may tighten our muscles causing them to become sore. Painful muscles are very excruciating even if we are in a resting position. Massage applied to these muscles works in two ways; it loosens up the tightness in these muscles, thus, reducing the pain that we feel and it also enhances the flow of endorphin which is our body's natural pain-killer. People feel so relaxed during a massage session because this substance has a calming effect on our muscles. Individuals who everyday job require repetitive motions, heavy physical work and bring about too much stress benefit much from massage.

Massage also brings about serotonin release. This substance, produced by our body, is believed to be the contributor of a person's feeling of happiness and well-being. When serotonin is dispensed through our systems, a serene state can be felt and when we are in this state it is easier for us to fall sleep – a sleep that is very restful accompanied with very good dreams.

For people suffering from sleep apnea and digestive disorders, conditions that tend to disrupted one's sleep, reflexology massage is recommended. This type of massage targets the affected area like the lungs and intestines and relaxes them, thus, promoting better function. Typically, sleep disruptions caused by these circumstances initially go away after reflexology massage is administrated allowing the affected individual to sleep without interruptions. Reflexology massage also helps our blood to efficiently circulate throughout our systems allowing our bodies to recuperate more quickly.

Massage oils can also help make massage more effective. Lavender oils have a calming effect and when used in massage may aid in relaxing our senses and our whole body. These essential oils combined with the healing power of touch might be the remedy to achieve that restful sleep that we so need.

So, do not think of a massage as just some useless gimmick, but instead employ it regularly to ensure a deep sleep.